Hunger Hankerings is a 100% Canadian owned and operated snack box delivery service. We have been providing individuals and groups with snack boxes since 2019. We have helped businesses make their virtual events, meetings, and conferences become even more successful than they thought possible by providing employees with snack boxes that they can all enjoy together during their event.

In recent months we have had some enquiries about offering fundraising options through the purchase of our snack boxes. We discussed the idea and decided that this is a great opportunity for Hunger Hankerings to give back to community organizations in a way that can help them grow and achieve their organizational goals.

Whatever your need is whether it's to purchase equipment or to have a special event Hunger Hankerings can help you raise the funds needed.

Our new fundraising program allows your supporters to shop online and orders are shipped directly to their home; and a portion of every sale goes directly to your organization.



Step 1

Simply register your group for an account, once approved you will receive a Fundraiser Code that you will share with your supporters. Your supporters will then use the code at checkout. Use of the code on checkout will apply a portion of the sale to your organizations fundraising balance. If you would like us to contact you, please email us at fundraising@hungerhankerings.com

Step 2

We will setup the fundraiser code/referral link using the start date and end date you provide to us on the registration form. If you don't provide us with a start and end date on the registration we can discuss the dates or leave it open ended with no specific start or end dates. You only have to register your organization once and if you want to run additional fundraising campaigns we will setup new fundraising codes for you to use.

Step 3

Once you decide on your campaign, simply send an email/newsletter/announcement along with your code/link to your supporters letting them know where to shop and what the campaign dates are. Campaign leads will be able to check their fundraising dashboard to get information about the campaign. Use social media as much as possible to promote your campaign, noting what you are raising funds for and the dates.

Step 4

When your campaign closes, we will run a report for you and email it to you as well as payout your fundraising commissions.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

About our Progrm

1Our organization is not located in Ontario; Can I still run a fundraiser?
Yes, We deliver snack boxes across Canada and we have international partners that provide boxes for orders to countries other than Canada. As long as your supporter uses the code or referral link to make the order the purchase will be eligible.
2How much profit does my organization earn?
Your organization can earn up to 25% commission on the sale of each product, not including the shipping costs and taxes.
3How long does it take to run a fundraiser?
We can setup the fundraiser within 24-48 hours or your organizations approval. The fundraiser itself doesn't have a default end date; the start and end dates of the fundraiser is determined by you.
4Are there any up-front costs to my group?
There are no up-front costs to setup the fundraiser.
5Are there any hidden fees?
There are no hidden fees. Your supporters pay for whatever they order at the regular price.
6How are snack boxes delivered?
Snack boxes are delivered by major couriers. We regularly use UPS, Fedex, Purolator, and Canpar and occasionally Canada Post.
7What types of groups can participate in Hunger Hankerings fundraising?
Any type of not-for-profit group that needs to raise funds for a specific cause or purpose.
8How do I get started?
To get started all you need to do is fill out our organization fundrasing registration form at hungerhankerings.com/fundraising-registration-form/

About our Snack Boxes

1Which snack boxes and other products are eligible for fundrasing??
All of the products are eligible for fundraising. To get the commission on a sale the purchaser just needs to enter the fundraiser code or use the referral link we provide.
2Are snack boxes expensive?
Our snack boxes range from $36.99 for a small box to $89.99 for a large box. In addition there are subscriptions of 3, 6, 9, and 12 months and depending on the subscription duration there are discounts available.
3We are watching what we eat. Are there snack box options that are good for my family?
Yes, We have a wide range of snack box options that fit most dietary restrictions. In addition, we can customize a box to meet your dietary restrictions; all you need to do is tell us in the order notes and we will create a box that respects your dietary needs.
4How long do the snacks last?
The snacks that we provide are all pre-packaged products with expiry dates stamped on each item. Generally speaking you should have at minimum a couple of months before snacks may start to expire but expiry dates could be longer or shorter.
5Can I buy snack boxes outside of a fundraiser?
Yes, If you want to buy snacks outside the fundraiser then don't use the fundraiser code or referral link. Just visit hungerhankerings.com main site and you can order any of our products.
6I have food allergy concerns. How do I find out what is in your products?
If you have food allergies you should advise us on the order notes so we can be sure to leave out any products you are allergic to. Also, all of our products are pre-packaged and have the full list of ingredients on the packaging.
7I am a vegetarian. Do your snack boxes contain any meat or meat by-products?
No, Our snack boxes do not contain any meat or meat by-products. Having said this we do offer some meat products such as BUFF Bison sticks that can be purchased as an addon to any box.