General Questions

1What is Hunger Hankerings?
Hunger Hankerings is designed to be a weekly or monthly subscription box containing healthy snacks. Our goal is to introduce people to great tasting snacks that are healthy!
2What do you mean by subscription box?
A subscription box means that you receive our snack box on a regular frequency(that you select) and it gets delivered to your door (home or office) around the same time every month or week.
3Do I need to have a subscription?
You do not need a subscription, you can choose to buy a box of our snacks on a one time basis as often as you like!
4What dietary options do you have?
Currently, you can select to have the snacks in your box; gluten free, vegan, high protein, or assorted!
5When will I receive my first box of snacks from Hunger Hankerings?
Once you place and pay for your order, it will ship out the following Monday. ie: if you place your order on Wednesday, your order will ship the following Monday.
6Why wouldn't I simply go out and buy my own healthy snacks?
Hunger Hankerings snack boxes are designed to save you time and money! If you were to purchase all the snacks your receive in our boxes, it would cost you way more money, not too mention your personal time that you would need to take to go out and purchase them! Let's face it, our days are not getting longer in time, so why not save your precious time for doing things you love and enjoy!
7What's inside the snack box?
Every month the snacks in our snack boxes vary! Our mission is to introduce you to different type of snacks that taste great and good for your health!
8Where does Hunger Hankerings ship to?
Currently we ship to Canada only.
9How big are the products in Hunger Hankerings snack boxes?
The products you receive are full size, no sample sizes here!
10Is there a shipping fee?
In order to keep our prices competitive, there is a small flat shipping charge depending on your location.
11I don't completely understand how this works?
No worries, sometimes we need to talk to a live person to better understand, we get it! Please call us at 613-762-9982 for any questions you may have, or if you prefer to send an email, do so at
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